Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

How the YATA club works...

  • The club works a lot like Netflix. When you pay the monthly access fee of $19.95, you have access to your content/tutorials and the Facebook Private Group. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the subscription tutorials or the FB group.

Yes! ALL of this really is only $19.95 a month! What does the membership include?

  • TWO complete LIVE Tumbler Tutorials, via Zoom, (available on replay anytime) from start to finish. I will be using a variety of mediums, for beginners, intermediate and advanced creators.

  • You will learn from my 21 years of experiences in teaching Art/Craft/DIY!! I will teach and guide you in learning the TECHNIQUES that I use with each tumbler. I have personally taught tumbler classes at my studio since 2018. It is my most popular class!

  • I will be using a variety of mediums for beginners, intermediate and advanced creators. Mediums included, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Acrylic paints, Alcohol Inks, India Inks, Crystalac Craftnique/Flip'N Awesome, Fabric, Vinyl, Waterslides, Temp. Tatoos, Paint Pour Technique, new trends...

  • YOUR MEMBER PRICE THAT WILL NEVER GO UP AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE YOUR MEMBERSHIP! If you quit and rejoin, the membership price may have gone up.

  • You will be added to the YATA Tumbler Club Private Facebook group, Members Only, where you will be able to communicate with other members, post your projects and get constructive criticism if wanted, and allow me to inspire you all.


  • I would just like your previous videos you have done in the group since it opened instead of a membership.

    No problem, you can purchase the tutorials for $10 and up each in my store and have access to them whenever you want.

  • Can I download the videos?

    No. My videos are kind of like Netflix, you cannot download them due to copyright laws.

  • What happens when I cancel my membership?

    You may cancel your membership at any time, however, there will be no refunds! Your membership will end on the last day of the billed month. When the new month starts, you will no longer have access to the videos.

  • Why do I lose access the videos when I end my membership?

    Again, this is sort of like Netflix. When you pay monthly, you have access. When you end a membership, you lose access.

  • How do I access previous videos if joining late?

    You can purchase the ones you want or after you join, you will be sent an offer to purchase a bundle.

  • If I cancel, can I join again at the same price at a later date?

    As the group grows and I add more features and content to the group, the club price MAY increase.